Welcome to the website for Absolute Inspections, LLC. Home of the most advance home inspection process available. Professional Inspector Kevin R. Weiss is a Mechanical Engineer with a Bachelors of Science from Texas A&M University and over 20 years experience in Home Inspection, Mechanical Engineering, Residential Contracting and Construction in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area.

At Absolute Inspections, LLC, we believe peace of mind comes from making sound decisions based on solid, reliable information. This is particularly true when it comes to your home. To that end, we have invested in the latest technologically advanced equipment and training available today to provide you with the most complete inspection possible.

Absolute Inspections, LLC uses a Fluke Thermal Imaging camera to provide a detailed Infrared scan of the interior of the home. This process is part of every inspection we perform, not an add-on or option. This infrared scan allows us to see in the infrared spectrum to find thermal anomalies that may indicate problems not visible to the naked eye.