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Kevin started Absolute Inspections, LLC In April of 2004 with the intent of transferring his engineering experience and education and practical contracting experience to home inspections to benefit his clients.

With his Mechanical Engineering background and strong desire to always be learning and improving he was quick to embrace new technological advances and was one of the first in the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex area to offer Infrared Thermal Imaging with his home inspections in 2006. This decision has proven to be one of the best he has made and has helped to elevate his inspection procedure above his competitors. Allowing him the ability to find problems that may be invisible to the naked eye.

Business have grown and improved every year since (even in the recession years and downturn in the housing market) allowing him to actively help home owners and home buyers every day. While many home inspections are routine there are often unique and unusual circumstances and problems. There is nothing more professionally satisfying than the feeling of helping and protecting his clients by performing the best home inspection possible.

In 2017, he acquired a Professional Drone Pilot License and added the service of Drone roof inspection to his inspections. Many, if not most, roofs in the DFW area are too steep to safely walk completely or may be damaged by walking on them. Many inspectors only inspect all roofs from the ground. This just did not seem adequate to Kevin. So after years of getting on roofs that it was probably safer not to climb onto, he changed to using a drone for most roofs. Now, with the exception of homes located in a FAA restricted airspace, He will either walk the entire roof or fly the drone for a thorough roof inspection.

kevin weiss infrared shot

Kevin prides himself on providing thorough professional inspections and reports for all of his clients. Customer service and satisfaction is the number one priority. It is his firm belief that a thorough inspection is an invaluable asset to all homeowners. There is no need to resort of alarmist tactics during an inspection.

Homes do not “pass or fail” an inspection, the inspection is designed to educate the client. Most homes have some problems and most all problems are repairable. The key is to be aware of the problems so that you can determine the repair costs and prepare yourself. When he is not inspecting houses or working on the many other aspects of running a small business.

Kevin enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, playing golf, exercising, reading, movies, cooking, and taking care of his own house.

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